Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rag Quilt

Randi told me she wanted a quilt with unicorns AND rainbows. I thought that would be close to impossible, but then, tho & behold, I found this fabric at Hancock.
She was super excited and said it was "so pretty!!"
I found a few other fabrics with rainbows. My mom is a big quilter and had some miscellaneous pastel fabric that she gave me. I had to cute 260 squares - 130 for each side. Not my favorite part!
This was not my easiest project. I think the batting I chose for the inside was too thick and sometimes left me with spots where I missed sewing of the edges together.
But all in all, I was happy with how it turned out. And, most importantly, so was Randi!!
To see the inspiration and tutorial, go to Imperfect Homemaking blog here:

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