Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whoops! I forgot some.

Here's some letters I forgot from parks I already posted about.
This "C" at Hawkeye Park. It's the foothold on one of the rocking animals.

"J" on part of the climbing wall at Summerbrooke.

"P" at Hawkeye Park.

"T" at Wagner park. 

Sunset Park

We continued our bike ride form Westside Park to Sunset. A little bit of a misadventure, since there were several streets that came to an end.

Even if they're passing by, my kids love to give the steering wheels a spin. Makes a fun "O".

What's your guess? I hope you said "A". It may look better in a word. I want to spell PARK, but I'm still trying to find a "K".
Posing on the bridge.

Westside Park

This park is close enough that we can bike there. It's close to the art center, just kind of tucked in between 2 houses. Blink & you'll miss it. It's small, but nice.
Another "I". 

I hope you guessed "S". A fun way to climb.

You have to look under your feet to see this "X".

Posing w/ their helmets on.

Swinging w/ her helmet, too.

Bobo always loves the diggers!

Watercrest Park

This is a neat park. It has lots of stuff to play on for big kids & little kids
"D" is delightful.

I thought this would be a cool "I". But it also reminds me of a tongue. : P

Another "O".

Cousin Madi, Bobo & Randi in front of the sign.

I thought this was too cute! 

Sawgrass Park

Definitely our new favorite park! Sawgrass Park looks like a big tree, there's a huge green space for playing, a dock, pond and bike path.
Ladders are great for "E"'s.

An "L" on the steps.
Here's a view from the dock. It's just so pretty!

The park play area.

Randi climbing the ladder.

Bobo in the hidden staircase in the tree.

There's a nice bridge, too.

I'll say it again - it's just so pretty!

Summerbrooke Park

My kids call this one the wall park, because of a big retaining wall. It's fun to practice balancing while walking across the top.
The "S" jumps right out at me!
Randi & her cousin Madi on the slide.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Greentree Park

We're so lucky that many of these park are within walking or biking distance.
A nice "A" : )

Finding an "F" isn't too hard with all the ladders. But I like this one because it's a little different.

A little "i". 
The kids decided to push their strollers & take their toys to the park.  This path was converted from old railroad tracks.

Randi on the big "Lion King" rock.

Bobo loves taking his shoes & socks off and climbing the slides.

Greentree Park - 1 of the kids favorites right now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wagner Park

Wagner Park is really modern & bright and has some fun stuff for the kids to play on!
This funky slide makes a cool "S". 

I hope you can tell this is a "Q".  I didn't want to turn the photo.
"U" wasn't too hard to find.
Randi on the climbing area. We call it the spider web.

Bobo on the funky slide.

Hawkeye Park

We love Hawkeye Park. Besides the park, there's a bike path and a pond with lots of ducks to feed.
We found the "W" on the tail of a ride on lion.

Love the "N" on the steps.
I thought "S" would be a hard one to find. I was sitting on the bench while the kids were on the slide and it just jumped out at me. It's a joint of 2 poles on a support beam. Perfect "S"!

But I forgot to take photos of my kids at the park. In my defense, it's right next door to Wagner park, and I took their pic a lot there. Coming Next!! : )

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glenbrooke Part 2

Our first park and we found lots of letters.
The letter "O" is pretty easy to find. I like this one because it was part of a Gazebo.

I love looking for letters in the trees, too. This make a cool "V".

What not to do

Finding the letters would be easy if you turned your photos any way you wanted.
But it's not like I would hang an upside down tree on my wall, so I'm not going to turn photos upside down just to get the letter I want.
Besides, this would make a nice "n". Or if I did some creative cropping, it could be an "r".

Friday, May 20, 2011

Glenbrooke Park

The kids & I are taking on a local FB challenge of visiting all the parks w/ play areas in our town of Ankeny, including the middle schools. This gives us almost 40 parks to visit this summer. I thought it would add a little fun to take photos of us visiting all the parks, and photos of different letters we can find at the park. Not just letters on sign, but letters like the curve of a slide making an "S" or the ladder forming an "H". Join us on this journey to see what we find. I'd love to see what you can find at your parks, too.

Now the "X" is actually an "X" from a tic-tac-toe game on the equipment at Glenbrooke park. But just because I find an X here doesn't mean I won't stop looking somewhere else.

The "Y" was from some cool tree roots at Glenbrooke.

Bobo (3) & Randi (5) on the slide. As I was taking photos of letters, Randi was yelling at my to "Stop taking pictures and come help me!" She tried climbing on a tube, got stuck and was too scared to get herself down. Let's hope I don't hear that too often when I have my camera out during our park excursions!