Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Complete - Eclectic Couch

I finished the couch in our basement / kids playroom. I found this couch on pinterest that I loved - a cool mix of crazy colors & patterns.

Here's our finished couch.
We happened to have the striped blanket. The couch was dirty & dingy looking, so I just covered the pillows w/ a fabric pillow cover. The kiddos helped me pick out the fabric. Of course it doesn't matter how pretty it is, they still love jumping on it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Funny Valentine

This one is so cute and sooo easy.
Everything is in 3D now. Well, this is a 3D Valentine card -

Just take a photo of your little one w/ their hand clenched and sticking out towards you. Add your own Valentine greeting (I did mine in Photoshop). Print 4x6 photos. Punch a couple small holes or use an exacto knife for the lollipop to fit through.
Super cute - right? : )

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Their own art

This has actually been hanging in my daughter's room since she was 2, but it seems like something you would see on pinterest. I just got a canvas frame at Michaels, got out the fingerpaints, and let her go at it. I made sure I wrote her name and the date she painted it along one of the sides. Perfect art for her room!

Owl Pillow

Owls are everywhere right now! I just love them all. Some cools ideas from pinterest.
super cute from The Pioneer Woman

really adorable

My daughter and I made our own owl pillow. There's some alliteration for you. : )
We just used some scraps of fleece we had on hand. Miranda's 6 and I let her draw the pattern for the eyes. She was also in charge of making the beak. The owl's a little lopsided, but all in all, not a bad job for an afternoon of fun.