Sunday, June 5, 2011

Westwood Elementary

Our challenge includes the elementary schools. My kids loved this school. It had lots to play on, lots for different age.

This "E" is from a swing that looks like a lawn chair on chains!

I'm having the hardest time finding a "G". I'm improvising with mulch for now.

"K" has been a hard one, too. I was really on a mission while I was at the school and found several possibilities.

This is the shadow from a hanging play area - not sure what it's called.

This thing is what made the shadow. An overhead view.

I used the jungle gym for several letters. "N"

"M" - another hard letter to find.

"K" - This might be my favorite.
And a "W".

I've had several "O"s. 

Part of the swing chain makes a cool "S"

I can always use another "Q"

Another "S" slide
Bobo on the slide.

Randi on the lawn chair swing.

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