Friday, May 20, 2011

Glenbrooke Park

The kids & I are taking on a local FB challenge of visiting all the parks w/ play areas in our town of Ankeny, including the middle schools. This gives us almost 40 parks to visit this summer. I thought it would add a little fun to take photos of us visiting all the parks, and photos of different letters we can find at the park. Not just letters on sign, but letters like the curve of a slide making an "S" or the ladder forming an "H". Join us on this journey to see what we find. I'd love to see what you can find at your parks, too.

Now the "X" is actually an "X" from a tic-tac-toe game on the equipment at Glenbrooke park. But just because I find an X here doesn't mean I won't stop looking somewhere else.

The "Y" was from some cool tree roots at Glenbrooke.

Bobo (3) & Randi (5) on the slide. As I was taking photos of letters, Randi was yelling at my to "Stop taking pictures and come help me!" She tried climbing on a tube, got stuck and was too scared to get herself down. Let's hope I don't hear that too often when I have my camera out during our park excursions!

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